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Get Healthier Teeth With Dental Exams in Flin Flon, Manitoba

Just as daily brushing and flossing are significant for your overall health, seeing your dentist regularly also helps a lot in protecting your teeth and gums. We, at Flin Flon Dental Care Office, offer dental exams and screening in Flin Flon, Manitoba, to detect gum diseases and protect your teeth from decay. We believe early detection is the first step towards good oral health. With regular exams such as oral pathology screening, we can monitor your teeth, gums and tissues beforehand and treat them before they get worse. We check for signs of gum disease, tartar and lump formation and ensure to address any detected problem with appropriate care.

Necessary Checks

Exams and screening that everyone must undergo once in a while are:

X-rays and tooth examinations

Oral examinations

Bite and grinding checks

Periodontal checks

Oral cancer screenings

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

At Flin Flon Dental Office, we want you to understand the importance of preventative measures in ensuring good oral health. In order to evade painful and elaborate dental treatments, it is always a good idea to protect your oral health. The preventative treatments that we offer include:

General dentistry services

Oral pathology screening

Chewing, biting and grinding check

Dental cleaning

Cleaning and fillings (pediatric dentistry)

Family dentistry

Dental x-ray

Enhance Your Smiles

Our dental cleaning will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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